NanobOx is a spin-out from University College Dublin where the novel 'electrostriction' method of generating nanobubbles was discovered and devices first prototyped and tested. NanobOx is focussed on generation of nanobubbles from source gases air, oxygen and ozone.


We are initially developing nanobubble generation solutions for oxygenation of water and wastewater, nutrient capture, transport and delivery, suppression of pathogens and biofilm, and cleaning and sanitation of pipelines, tanks and process equipment in the fields of Agriculture and Aquaculture.


We are currently recruiting technical and business development staff who are interested in joining us in bringing this ground-breaking technology to market and helping the world reap its benefits.

NanobOx Founding Team

John has over 30 years experience in biosystems R&D and in B2B technology business as a company founder, business leader, mentor and consultant to start-ups and early-stage technology businesses. 

Dr John Favier (CEO)

Mohammad has a background in materials science and chemical engineering R&D and has over a decade of experience in the design, construction and testing of water treatment technologies.

Dr Mohammad Ghaani (CTO)

 In 2003 John founded DEM Solutions, an engineering software company, that became the market leader in its sector. He subsequently managed a US engineering software business, and more recently worked with start-up and early-stage B2B technology businesses in the USA and Europe supporting their fund-raising, business development strategy, product management, marketing and sales channel development. Prior to entering business John spent 10 years in academic research founding a Biosystems Engineering research group working in agricultural, food process and environmental engineering and crop science R&D. John holds a BEng and MEngSc from UCD and a PhD from University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Mohammad is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Physics at TCD. and has held postdoctoral posts at the universities of Milan, Tehran and UCD. Following his discovery of the electrostriction method of generating nanobubbles at high pressure he went on to develop a range of novel nanobubble generators that can be operated at ambient pressure.   In 2019 he was funded by the Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund to scale-up and test his prototype generators under a wide range of process conditions including with media from indoor farming, and meat processing wastewater. Mohammad holds a PhD from University of Milano Bicocca, a MSc from Tehran Polytechnic and a BSc from Isfahan University of Technology.