Lowest cost aeration of water using nanobubbles

Novel technology for generation of nanobubbles in water using an order of magnitude less energy than competing methods.

Using ground-breaking, patented technology that generates nanobubbles by passing a mixture of the source gas and water through a low voltage electric field, NanobOx provide a unique system for generating air, oxygen or ozone nanobubbles in water requiring only 10s of watts of power.

Our nanobubble generation technology is highly robust and is impervious to the condition of the water. It can handle clean or highly solids-laden water with a wide range of pH, salinity and ionic composition equally well.


The technology is highly scalable and can generate nanobubbles at the same rate regardless of the flowrate of the aqueous media through the generator.


Our nanobubble generators can be operated above and also, uniquely, below the surface of the aqueous media.


The above-surface solutions can be installed standalone or inserted into an existing water transport line.


The sub-surface solutions can be provided by a low pressure air supply from the surface OR can be retrofitted over existing microbubble diffusers.


NanobOx is the first to offer solar-powered generation of nanobubbles

Floating Island Solar-Powered Nanobubble Generation concept

A New Method of Generating Nanobubbles

Source gas is introduced to the generator at ambient pressure using a passive venturi system, free-surface flow or a low pressure air pump.


The numbers and size of nanobubbles are adjusted through control of the electric field and the characteristics of the gas-water mixture.


Nanobubbles are generated in-situ and the generator internal surfaces are isolated from the aqueous media. NanobOx can uniquely generate nanobubbles under aseptic operating conditions.


The generator has no moving parts, is self-cleaning and easy to maintain.


Generates Oxygen Enriched Nanobubbles

 The % oxygen in nanobubbles generated using air as the source gas is approximately 3x higher than ambient concentration.

NanobOx nanobubble generators will produce the longest lasting 'oxygen battery'.

Gas-water mixture is isolated from the electrodes

Nanobubble Solutions for Agriculture and Aquaculture

NanobOx are developing solutions for treatment of source and process waters in:

  • Controlled Environment Agriculture,
  • Outdoor Irrigated Crops,
  • Agricultural Wastewater Treatment.
  • Recirculating Aquaculture Systems used in smolt, post-smolt hatcheries and growout fish farms,
  • Inland shrimp and fish ponds and raceways.

Our nanobubble generators can be installed adjacent to, inline or immersed in water-based storage, handling, transport and cleaning systems.

NanobOx technology has been successfully tested in Vertical Farming
NanobOx has solutions for Flow-through and RAS salmon, trout and shrimp farms

Please get in touch if you are interested to trial our nanobubble generators in your operations.

For more information please contact: info@nanobox.ie